AME Awards Grand Jury Spotlight Interview: Sergio Spaccavento

Each week the AME Awards interviews a member of the 2017 Grand Jury, comprised of highly award-winning creatives from five regions around the globe. These dedicated industry pro’s represent the most innovative multidisciplinary marketers, media planners, strategy directors, social media experts, and creatives in the industry and are charged with selecting the world’s most effective advertising & marketing campaigns.

Sergio Spaccavento, Executive Creative Director at Conversion Italy join’s the 2017 AME Awards global Grand Jury and brings the experience of judging some of the world's top awards shows. He is a multi-talented director,  copywriter,  scriptwriter,  TV and radio show writer, and advertising teacher who has worked for prominent agencies of all sizes serving a wide range of national and international brands.

In the interview below, Sergio spent a few minutes with AME sharing  his thoughts on judging, creative work, cultural influences and his source of inspiration.

AME Awards: Why did you agree to judge this year’s AME Awards?

Sergio Spaccavento: It’s not my first time judging the AME Awards; usually I join many juries because I think that it is the only way to take my time to see what happens in the world. Sometimes, if you work hard, you are too much focused on your business and you don’t have space for inspiration. Well, AME is an award where you can face wonderful projects from all over the world.

AME Awards: What are the hallmarks of an award-winning campaign?

Sergio Spaccavento: An award winning campaign must be original, creative and it must work. . A super creative campaign made just for the sake of creativeness is only half the work. Advertisers should be professionals and they have to keep in mind that they have a client and a product to sell. Results have equal importance.

AME Awards: In your opinion how does cultural/social change influence regional work?

Sergio Spaccavento: Of course they do, any piece of work is the sum of gender, age, maturity, level of education, intelligence, cultural background.  And, any single change can influence regional work, especially with a young and fast target. It’s why a good juror should collocate a project in the right geographical and cultural location, it takes time, but it’s the only right thing to do to respect the work.

AME Awards:  What inspires you?

Sergio Spaccavento: Real life, real people, real feelings. Advertising is not only a science; it is an art, so you need to dig inside the society to catch ideas.

Never stay at office too long, outside the office the best ideas are waiting for you, and they are not patient.

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