Martin Manion

MM Headshot.png

Chief Branding Strategist - Guidemark Health, USA


As Chief Strategy Officer of Guidemark Health, Martin is responsible for the design and execution of customized, strategic solutions for brands in all phases of their lifecycles. He has extensive US/global and HCP/patient experience in product branding and positioning, message platform development, franchise strategy development and portfolio architecture design, market conditioning, disease/condition branding, branding the science, and corporate identity branding (including companies, hospitals, medical practices, partnerships, divisions, charities, and medical research organizations). Before joining Guidemark in 2015, Martin was Chief Strategy Officer at ICC Loew for two years; prior to that, he spent twelve years as a senior strategist with inVentiv/Y Brand.

With over 25 years in the healthcare agency industry, Martin’s multi-category experience includes (but is not limited to) diabetes, HIV, Women’s Health, oral care, dermatology, vision care, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, oncology, chronic kidney care, depression/anxiety, schizophrenia, vaccines, pain management, and animal health.

Martin holds a BA in Communications from Seton Hall University.

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