In order to be considered amongst the World’s Best Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness, creative campaigns must achieve specific marketing goals and objectives, demonstrate a ground-breaking solution to marketing challenges and exhibit success accomplished through creative execution and strategic planning.

The AME Awards categories celebrate creative media campaigns that move the needle on behalf of the brand at the intersection of creativity and effectiveness across all executions and all platforms.


Products & Services

All physical or digital items/services provided for consumer or business use that satisfy an identified need.

PS01 – Automotive/Vehicles (cars, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, trucks)

PS02 – Automotive/Aftermarket (fuel, repairs, paint, oil change & lube, tires, Accessories, extended warrantees)

PS03 - Beauty Products & Services (cosmetics, self-care, hair products, nail care, salons, spa services)

PS04 - Beverages, Alcoholic (beer, wine, liquor)

PS05 - Beverages, Non-Alcoholic (juice, soft drinks, coffee, energy drinks)

PS06 - Business-to-Business (human resources, skills assessment, accounting, technical support)

PS07 – Corporate Image (information, rebranding, internal communications)

PS08 - Culture & The Arts (promotion of events, concerts, culinary/cultural/film festivals, museums, theatrical events)

PS09: Digital Goods (virtual products, memberships, services warranties, subscriptions digital downloads of books, music, videos)

PS10 - Education (brick-and-mortar or online programs, language classes, instructional sessions)

PS11 – Electronics - Consumer & Business (audio, video, home entertainment, screening rooms, computers/laptops, gaming devices, VR/AR devices, sound systems, UAV/drone)

PS12- Fashion (clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry)

PS13 - Financial Services (banks, insurance, investment)

PS14 - Fitness & Wellness (exercise and health-focused equipment, health related personal products, vitamins and energy products, health & fitness facilities/programs, weight loss/management/nutrition programs)

PS15 - Food (packaged & frozen)

PS16 - Furniture & Appliances (appliances, furniture, indoor and outdoor décor)

PS17 - Government / Politics (informational Sources, Recruitment, Policy or Program Communications)

PS18 - Healthcare - (Prescription and OTC medications) 

PS19- Household Supplies & Services (cleaning products/services, gardening products/services)

PS20 - Mass Transportation (train, ferry, subway, Bus, trolley, taxis, bikeshares)

PS21 - Media & Entertainment (digital streaming, broadcasting, publishing)

PS22 - Mobile/Internet - (mobile, internet and cable/streaming services)

PS23 - On Demand Products & Services (online marketplace, on demand transportation, food & grocery delivery services, meal kit services)

PS24 - Personal Care (items for hygiene including toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, mouthwash, body wash)

PS25 - Pet Care & Health Products (food, grooming products & health aids, accessories, toys)

PS26- Professional Services (legal, accounting, technical support)

PS27 - Real Estate (both commercial and residential)

PS28 - Retail Stores & eCommerce (all retail and ecommerce)

PS29 - Restaurants (fast food, casual dining, fine dining, promotions & launches)

PS30 - Snack Items and Desserts (candy, baked goods, ice cream, chips)

PS31 - Software & Apps (software, operating systems, or software/apps)

PS32 - Sports Promotion (esports, league promotion, game day, special events including olympics, world cup and championships)

PS33 - Sports & Recreation (equipment & products leisure activities)

PS34- Travel & Tourism (airlines, cruises, resorts, theme parks, tours & travel packages, booking services)

Creativity for Positive Impact

Creative campaigns in all media whose goal is to encourage social good and beneficial behavior to facilitate change resulting in a positive movement and outcome for individuals, causes, society, and the welfare of animals and the environment.

CPI01 - Civic / Social Education

CPI02 - Environment and Sustainability

CPI03 - Philanthropic appeals

CPI04 - Promotion of Peace / Human rights

CPI05 - Promotion of Health & Human Services

CPI06 - Emergency Relief

CPI07 - Collaboration / Partnerships


Best Use of Discipline

All methods used to creatively and effectively deliver information in service of the brand.  

UD01 - Ambient

UD02 - Avant Garde / Innovative

UD03 - Branding

UD04 - Creative Use of Technology

UD05 - Corporate Image

UD06 - Design

UD07 - Digital/Mobile

UD08 - Direct & Collateral

UD09 - Integrated (multiple mediums)

UD10 - Low-Budget (<$100,000 USD)

UD11 - Media Planning

UD12 - New Product/ Services Launch

UD13 - Promotions

UD14 - Public Relations

UD15- Sponsorship

Best Use of Medium

Any communication medium used as a vehicle to advance the story of the brand, engage consumers and drive results to achieve the goals of the brand.

UM01 - Audio/Radio

UMO2 - Activation & Engagement

UM03 - Branded Content / Entertainment

UM04 - Collateral

UM05 - Creative Partnerships

UM06 - Events

UM07 - Gamification

UM08 - Guerrilla

UM09 - Outdoor / Out-of-Home

UM10 - Point-of-Purchase

UM11 - Pop-Up Stores

UM12 - Print

UM13 - Social Media & Influencer

UM14 - Social Video

UM15 - TV & Cinema

UM16 - Website