Carolina Bruzzone

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Strategic Planning Director – McCann, Argentina


Carolina Bruzzone, McCann Buenos Aires. 36 years old being curious :)

She has studied Marketing and started her career in this field. After some years being a client, she decided she wanted to make ads so she started working in advertising at the famous Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. Over the years she has been part of the account teams of some other great agencies such as Young&Rubicam and Grey as well; attending P&G, Danone, The Coca-Cola Company, HSBC, Personal, Glaxo Smith Kline among other clients. At Grey, she ventured herself in strategic planning mostly for The Walt Disney Company and it was a life changing moment. She led the Strategic department at Don and worked for: Garbarino, Compumundo, ICBC, Bodegas Norton and General Mills.

Nowadays she is CSO at McCann Buenos Aires, being proud of the network she belongs to. The clients she works for are: Mastercard, The Coca-Cola Co., L’Oréal, Latam Airelines, Sodimac, Supervielle, Nesquik, among others.

Beside this, she is the eldest of three sisters, she makes time to write short stories and spends Saturdays in her pottery atelier.


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