Ines Abreu

Ines Abreu.jpg

Marketing Manager – Microsoft, Portugal


I have been working in Product Management and Marketing since the beginning of my career and, in the last 8 years, with a big focus in Digital Marketing. The online world gives companies and consumers an incomparable power to do more, experience more, escalate more and be closer to information and to each other, and be in the forefront of this transformation is truly rewarding.

My experience goes from Telecom to Retail and to Technology industries, businesses that have in common what I most value: energy, competitive environment, proximity with the final customer. 

I see myself as a rigorous and demanding worker, with big sense of responsibility and ownership over projects, with a natural analytic and strategic thinking but also a fervour enthusiasm in getting things done and results achieved. 

I love to deal with the opportunities and challenges that the new digital era brings to brands and I love to feel that what I do impacts people's live, for the best.

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