1. Why do I need to log in to submit an entry?

Logging in with your username and password allows the system to save the data you entered. It also allows you to save entry information allowing you to take a break or sign off and upon your return the data will still be there.


2. Can I submit the same entry into more than one category?

Yes, you may enter it into as many categories as you wish. Entering one piece in multiple categories substantially increases your chances of winning recognition for your work. Please note that there is an entry fee for each category you enter.


3. Can I enter the same work in multiple competitions?

Yes, as long as your work fits the criteria for submissions. Please note that there is an entry fee for each category you enter.


4. How do I add an entry submission to my cart?

Our online entry process makes that easy to do. There is a button before you proceed to check-out that lets you add submissions to your cart.


5. I am ready to upload my entries. How do I do this?

Go to your account page, and select Upload Piece to upload pieces to specific entries. You can upload the pieces while making the entry or after you’ve submitted the entry.


6. How do I make sure that my entries were uploaded correctly?

Once 72 hours have gone by, you can check your upload using the links to preview your entry. All submissions are reviewed prior to judging so if there are any issues with your entry file, you will be sent an email notification.


7. If I am asked to be on a jury, can I still enter?

Yes, you can. However, you will not be able to vote on any work that has been submitted by your company. You will be requested to abstain from voting on your own work.


8. If I'm unsure of the correct category for my entry what do I do?

Select the category that most closely relates to your submission's type of program, primary purpose, content, or target audience. All submissions are reviewed prior to judging and you can email us with your concerns about which category is the best fit.


9. How do I pay for my entry?

We have several options for payment of entry fees. We accept credit card payment using VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX. Credit Card Fees are 3% of total order for VISA and MasterCard. Credit Card Fees are 3.2% of total order for AMEX. Currency must be in USA dollars made payable to INTERNATIONAL AWARDS GROUP, LLC.

For wire (or bank) transfer payments, all bank charges must be prepaid by you and an additional $35 US dollars will be added to the total amount on your invoice to cover intermediary bank fees.

New York Festivals must receive payment within 7 days of entering in order to process your entry or the entry will be withdrawn from the competition. Important Bank Transfer Requirements: All your bank's transfer fees must be prepaid and you must include your above Invoice # on your bank transfer instructions so we can match your payment to your order. Your order will not be processed until we receive the total amount due on our Invoice. Send wire payments to:

Bank: JP Morgan Chase

Bank Address: 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza New York, New York 10005

Routing Number: 021000021 or Swift: CHASUS33

Account Name: International Awards Group. LLC

Account Number: 707 5599 10


10. Can I submit an entry even though the deadline has passed?

With the permission of the competition executive director, sometimes we accept late entries. Any entry submitted after the official Final Deadline may be subject to a 10 % Late Entry Processing Fee.